Winner Int. Emmy-Award

„Best Performance by an Actress“ Christiane Paul

Sonderpreis Filmfestival Baden-Baden 2015


Gold World Medal NY Film Festival 2016


3. Preis „Grand Prix Europa“


Nominierung Grimmepreis 2016

Under the Radar

Political-Thriller in order of WDR / ARD Degeto

with Christiane Paul, Heino Ferch, Fabian Hinrichs, Inka Friedrich, Matthias Mastschke, Linn Reusse and Hans-Werner Meyer


Elke Seeberg is a judge and single mother. When a bomb detonates in Berlin after several concrete terror warnings, it hits the bus her daughter Marie rides. And there's no trace of Marie and her Moroccan boyfriend. That night, a Federal SWAT team storms Elke and Marie's apartment. SWAT team leader Heinrich Buch confronts the judge with ghastly charges: Marie is suspected of being involved in the bombing. She's not dead, she's on the run. Does Elke know more that she claims? Richard König, the ambitious head of the Federal anti-terror department, thinks so, and has bugs and cameras installed in Elke's apartment. The judges's life, a convinced proponent of the rule of law, is completely taken apart, and the media jump all over the "terrorist's mother". But can Marie, the student of Islamic studies, really have killed people? Elke doesn't want to believe it, but then she discovers more and more details about her daughter's life she knew nothing about…



Elmar Fischer



Henriette Buëgger



Nicole Swidler, Fritjof Hohagen


Commissioning Editor:

Dr. Götz Schmedes,

Christine Strobl


TV Network:

WDR, ARD-Degeto



Sten Mendes



KD Gruber



Simone Bär

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