Gewinner Golden Goblet Award

„Best Screenplay“Shanghai Int. Filmfestival


Bayer. Filmpreis „Beste Musik“ 2015

Hannas sleeping dogs

Theatrical movie, Historical Drama

with Hannelore Elsner, Franziska Weisz, Nike Seitz, Rainer Egger, Margarethe Tiesel, Johannes Silberschneider


There‘s a very good reason why you should let sleeping dogs lie, as 9-year-old Johanna discovers. Growing up a good Catholic girl in the provincial Austrian town of Wels in the late 1960s, she learns from her grandmother her family‘s secret: they are Jewish. Life now starts to change, uncomfortably so: the caretaker bullies her, the religion teacher ignores her and her traumatised mother stops talking to people. Both older women know exactly who were the very worst Nazis back then. After the war they reinvented themselves as devout Catholics. Johanna, however, is determined not to hide, she wants to be proud of her heritage and now becomes Hanna. But the „sleeping dogs“ are awake, they are starting to bark and they still have their teeth.

HANNA‘S SLEEPING DOGS is based on the novel SCHLAFENDE HUNDE by Elisabeth Escher, in which she recounts her true life experience. Writer-director Andreas Gruber grew up with her in Wels in the 1960s and is thus also personally familiar with the story‘s milieu.



Director and Screenplay:

Andreas Gruber



Fritjof Hohagen, Andreas Gruber


Commissioning Editor:

Hubert von Spreti, Heinrich Mis



Martin Gressmann



Oliver Hoese, Bettina Zirngiebl



Tina Keiml-Sorge


TV Networks:







FFF Bayern, ÖFI, Oberösterreich

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